Community Projects


KIKKA is all about, connecting likeminded people and actioning environmental solutions,
that's why, we are intimately involved with both the Gold Coast Catchment Associations - Seagrass Gold Coast program and
Wildlife Queensland's - Project STAR.


Seagrass Gold Coast (SGGC)


A seagrass health and monitoring program which utilises the community in the form of

trained citizen scientists to collect robust data regarding local seagrass habitats.

This program is supported through funding from the City of Gold Coast's; 

Catchment & Waterway Community Partnerships (CWCP) Program




Project STAR - Seagrass Technology and Restoration.


An innovative pilot program, which utilises aquaculture technique,

to grow seagrasses for the purpose of restoration, contribute to healthy coastal ecosystems and

educate the wider community through awareness and capacity building opportunities.

This program has been supported through the Norman Wettenhall Foundations - Small Environments Grants and

Wildlife Queensland's - Threatened Species Trust funding.




Get in touch, if you would like to know, how you can get involved, in these exciting seagrass programs.