Educational programs


KIKKA Education offers a range of interactive and engaging environmental presentations,
workshops and excursions, designed to connect kids to the
environment and inspire a love of our natural world.


Coastal Explorers

Get your kids outdoors
and immerse them in nature with our two hour outdoor field explorations, where they will gain knowledge and skills in various coastal environments.

Sessions include a little bit of discovery, some sneaky science and biology,
relevant games and stories and finish off with a some art and crafts.

Coastal Flora (Plants) - discover the secret life of plants that live in our coastal environments, including their adaptations for survival in these harsh environments, plant structure and function and how they are classified by scientists.

Coastal Fauna (Animals) - learn about who lives in our coastal habitats and how they have adapted to life in the coastal zone over years of evolution.

Dugongs and Mermaids - takes kids into a seagrass habitat to find different species, learn about associated animals and plants using simple field equipment and keys.

Happy Beaches - looks at our coastal dunes and the plants that make up this system, while investigating what it takes to keep them happy and healthy.

Mangrove Muddlers - learn about mangrove plants, their adaptations and why they are important, what animals like to live there and how to keep an eye on them for the future.

Plastic Turtles - focuses on the six Australian sea turtles, what they eat, where they live and how humans are affecting their ability to be healthy by talking about plastic pollution.

 Rocky Shore Rambling - explore the rocky shore and how animals survive in this harsh environment with its extreme conditions, find animals including crabs and discover their relationships.

Catchment to Coast - takes kids on a journey through the catchment by a single raindrop called Ramis to discover how people affect our coastline and what they can do to help.

Alternatively, call in an environmentalist on your next excursion, for short presentations regarding your chosen environment and it’s associated flora and fauna.


Want something different! Get in touch and let us know, what interests you and we will
design a program, to meet your needs.