Educational programs


KIKKA Education offers a range of interactive and engaging environmental presentations, workshops, incursions and excursions, designed to connect students to the
local environment and inspire a love of our natural world.


KIKKA Programs


Scientific Discovery - Incursions
Exploring the wonders of science and the environment in a classroom setting

Leaf Art - Combines leaf biology, structure and function with artistic accents

Science Links - Examines the equipment students will use in high school experiments

Secrets of Seagrass - Delves into the private life of seagrass habitats, threats and conservation

Mysterious Mangroves - Explore unique mangrove adaptations and classification

Ramis the Raindrop - Take a journey down the catchment and investigate water quality


Coastal Experiences - Excursions
Immerse students in nature with our half day outdoor field investigations to gain knowledge and skills in scientific monitoring and data collection techniques

Seagrass Explorers - takes students into a seagrass habitat to identify different species, learn about associated flora and fauna and use field sampling equipment

Mangrove Muddlers - learn about mangrove classification, adaptations and monitor mangrove health using natural indicators such as species diversity, human impact and bird life indicators

 Rocky Shore Rambling - explore the rocky shore and how animals survive in this harsh environment with its extreme conditions, identify various animals and discover predator prey relationships

Alternatively, call in an environmentalist for your next excursion, for short presentations regarding your chosen environment and it’s associated flora and fauna.


KIKKA Education offer's individually tailored educational activities, that are facilitated by trained environmental professionals and are aligned with the new
Australian National Curriculum.


Want something different! Get in touch and let us know, what interests you and we will
design a program, to meet your needs.