Is an environmental consultancy, that specialises in seagrass ecosystems,
delivering accurate, reliable and innovative ecological solutions,
for governments, community groups and the private sectors.


KIKKA is driven by strong environmental, educational and community values,
which are, at the heart of the business and form it's vision and strategic directions.


Our consultants are passionate about wetland environments, in particular, seagrass habitats
and have a keen interest in ecosystem conservation.
We understand the importance of our natural environment, the current demands placed on these ecosystems
for commercial and recreational purposes and
the balance which needs to be maintained to retain the integrity of the system as a whole.


KIKKER is the Dutch word for 'frog' and KIKKA Environmental are leaping into our niche,
to help you, with your environmental needs, today.


Daniela Wilken-Jones, better known as Dani, is an environmental professional who has been
researching Gold Coast seagrass environments over the past 10 years.

Having completed her degree in biology/conservation and honours in wetland ecology, where she
investigated the diversity and abundance of macro-invertebrates between a Melaleuca quinquenervia and Casuarina glauca
habitat type, she gained a good understanding of wetland environments and their implications for use in
wastewater management regimes.

She went on to participate in numerous field studies investigating the health of terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems,
using an array of vegetation and population indicators for associated flora and fauna, as well as
water quality indicators such as benthic organisms, fish and macro-invertebrates.

Examples include:

Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland’s, Seagrass Gold Coast - monitoring the health of seagrass ecosystems and
Project STAR - (Seagrass Technology and Restoration), growing seagrass for the purpose of restoration.

The City of Gold Coast’s, Marine Turtle Ecology within the Gold Coast project - Seagrass habitat survey work conducted in
Southern Moreton Bay and the Gold Coast Broadwater and
East Coomera Immediate Koala Conservation Project – koala monitoring and trial translocation program
to name a few.·

Simultaneously, Dani has been working within the education sector providing scientific expertise and advise to teachers and students within both the Private and Public sectors in both Queensland and New South Wales.

Her passion for the environment and participation in numerous, field studies, investigating ecotones, rainforests, mangroves, rocky shores and seagrass habitats has lead to the creation of KIKKA environmental.

Why! Because Nature is the Ultimate Infrastructure.

P.S Most recently she was awarded the City of Gold Coast’s Catchment Award for her contributions to our
marine environment, facilitating increased knowledge and awareness of regional seagrass ecosystems and
keeping an eye on their health through monitoring with community volunteers of the
Seagrass Gold Coast program.